Who is Upgrading for?

  • Use this if you are wanting to upgrade from a kit you already have purchased. For example if you have the $10 Gather kit on the 2X server, you can pay $15 more and get upgraded to the $25 Build kit. You would lose your Gather kit in the process.

  • If this is applicable to you, click on the server you have your kit on below. From there, click the on the Upgrade Kit on that page. If you are upgrading from, for example, the $25 kit to the $50 kit. Just click the “Buy Now” button, after that you will see an option to change the price from the default $15 to $25.

  • Kit upgrades are done manually. Please allow up to 24 hours for an upgrade to be processed. If you want to expedite your upgrade, send us an email or make a ticket on the discord.