• Respect all players, admins and moderators.
  • No cheating, hacking or any use of third party scripts. Guitar scripts are allowed as long as they don’t effect gameplay. 
  • No exploiting of game breaking glitches. For example, glitching under the map in caves.
  • No attempts to disrupt or shut down the servers: DDoS, spam crafting etc.
  • No attempts or threats to DDoS other player on the server/s.
  • No disclosing (or threats of disclosing) personal information such as names, addresses or any form of doxxing.
  • If found in association with someone cheating, DDoSing or in violation of any of the rules could result in a ban. (This is decided in a case-by-case basis depending on the circumstances).
  • Any attempts to evade a ban on the server will result in another ban on the new account (typically for a longer duration then the first ban).
  • No Rust game bans (or Rust game banned alt accounts) within 365 days.
  • No stream sniping.
  • No VPNs allowed on the server unless whitelisted by admins. If you have a VPN, join our discord and appeal via #admin_support channel.
  • All Steam accounts must be at least 15 days old to play on the server. No exceptions. 
Voice & Text Chat
  • English only please in public voice and text chats.
  • No chat spam.
  • No advertising of services or other content that is outside the Viking Republic community. Saying you’re looking for clan members for example is allowed.
  • No forms of discrimination, racism or excessive harassment. This is decided on a case by case basis depending on the circumstances and severity.
  • No death threats.
  • No racist or offensive clan tags or usernames.
Group Limit
  • There are no group limits on the 2X Vanilla, 2X Vanilla Mondays and 5X servers. There is a team size limit of EIGHT, but you are welcome to make more teams if you like.
  • There is a group limit of THREE on the 2X Vanilla Solo Duo Trio server. Allying in any PVP is not allowed. Any attempts to work around this rule will recieve consequences. Things such as trading with other players is fine but ultimately the group you play with should never exceed THREE players.