VIP Perks Explained

  • Skip queue – This lets you skip the player queue and join the server instantly every time.
  • Skin Box – This perk allows you to use ANY approved item skin for free without actually buying them all indvidually. To use this, type /skinbox and drag the item you want to skin into the box that appears in your inventory.
  • Sign Artist – This lets you place custom images from the internet onto signs in game. To use the perk type /sil in game.
  • Auto Build Upgrade – This lets you automatically upgrade your building items to the desired grade. For example by typing /bgrade 2 in game, anything you place in game would be automatically upgraded to stone. Type /bgrade in game for more info on how to use it.
  • Reduced Teleport Cool-down – Typically there is a 5 minute cool down every time you teleport in game. With this perk that time is reduced to 2.5 minutes.
  • Three additional set home locations – This lets you set additional homes around the map making it easier to get around. To set a home type /home add.
  • Quick sort – This makes sorting through loot crates in your base easier. Instead of having to manually organize items this perk does it for you. To access this just open any box in game and there should be a graphical interface.
  • Furnace Splitter – This perk automatically splits up your ores when dragging them into a furnace into 3 even stacks. Saving you time and effort to do more important things! To use this perk just drag a stack of ores into a furnace and it should handle it from there.
  • VIP++ Tag – This VIP tag will display in game besides your name, showing off what tier of VIP you have on the server.