Server Info

Why Choose Viking Republic?
  • Viking Republic aims to provide unique servers for players to enjoy. We hope to maintain a general feeling of not being “too modded” across our network. The goal on our servers is to make the “grindy” side of rust a little less annoying, while still keeping things feeling fresh and enjoyable. We design each server to have a unique purpose to it, while still maintaining a good feeling of progression in game play.

Server Wipe Schedules
  • The Viking Republic 2X and 4X servers have a weekly map wipe schedule on every Thursday. Blueprints wipe monthly on the first Thursday of every month. 
  • Map wipes are typically around 1PM EST, however there can be delays. On the first Thursday of the month (when the monthly rust update comes out) we have to wait for the update to release before we can wipe any server.
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