2X Vanilla

Players: 2/250
  • Size: 4,250
  • Seed: 493921256
  • Last Wipe: 2021-07-22

2X Vanilla Mondays

Players: 113/250
  • Size: 4,250
  • Seed: 1901439799
  • Last Wipe: 2021-07-26

3X Modded

Players: 1/250
  • Size: 4,250
  • Seed: 764773542
  • Last Wipe: 2021-07-22
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Join Servers Manually

Join via Server Browser

  • Search for “Viking Republic” in the Rust server browser in-game and our servers should show up.
  • Depending on your distance from the server location (Dallas, USA), it may take a few minutes for the servers to show up.

Join via Console Command

  • Start up Rust and then press F1 in the main menu, on the top left of the screen it should say “Console” with a text box below where you can type things.
  • In that text box, paste in one of these connect commands, depending on which server you want to join
  • After pasting in one of the above commands, press ENTER, you should now be joining one of the Viking Repbulic servers.