• Viking Republic aims to provide unique servers for players to enjoy. We hope to maintain a general feeling of not being “too modded” across our network. The goal on our servers is to make the “grindy” side of rust a little less annoying, while still keeping things feeling fresh and enjoyable. We design each server to have a unique purpose to it, while still maintaining a good feeling of progression in game play. 
  • The Viking Republic 4X server has a weekly map wipe schedule on every Thursday. Blueprints wipe monthly on the first Thursday of every month. 
  • Map wipes are typically around 12PM EST, however there can be delays. On the first Thursday of the month (when the monthly rust update comes out) we have to wait for the update to release before we can wipe any server.
  • Gather Rate – Four times the amount of resources from farmed resources, picked up materials and quarries
  • Blueprints – Many early and mid game blueprints are unlocked by default to make things a little less annoying
  • Kits – We offer a few beginner kits to get you off the ground, but nothing too overkill. VIP kits are also available if that’s your thing
  • Instant craft – Instant crafting of most items. Certain items have craft time to prevent certain exploits
  • Quicksmelt – Four times the smelting speed of vanilla furnaces
  • Better Loot – Totally redesigned loot tables which aim to remove the useless items from loot. Things are significantly accelerated to allow you to get to end game with relative ease – but not instant. 
  • Teleport – Via the /tpr command, you can teleport to any other player in game, assuming they accept your request 🙂 There is also a /home command which lets you set a home teleport location to avoid the tedious run back to base 
  • No Escape – This plugin restricts the ability to use certain commands, such as /tpr, while in combat or in a raid. This hopes to reduce the moments where people magically disappear during combat or other ridiculous-ness.
  • Remove – Via the /remove command, you are able to remove any object you place yourself in the game. You aren’t allowed to remove friends or other clan members items though, only your own.
  • Clans – Via the /clan command you can own or be part of a clan
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